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In our community, we have lots of people with big hearts ready to help our patients in times of need. Hospice volunteers play a big role in hospice care. We know this can be a big transition for not only the patients but their loved ones as well. Many loved ones get overwhelmed with the daily obligations of life. That’s where our volunteers come in, whether you need someone to keep your loved one company or help take more off your plate. They're there when you need them most. 


Here are some things our Novus Volunteers can help with


  • Grocery Shopping

  • Helping with simple chores such as laundry or dishes 

  • Prepping meals for the patient's specified diet 

  • Providing Support 

  • Informing other hospice staff on any daily changes 

  • Playing music for the patient 

  • Reading books with the patient 

Looking to help out and make a difference?


  • Must be 18 years of age   

  • Have transportation to and from patients' homes 

  • Be flexible with schedule 

  • Complete recommended training

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Volunteer with us

Think you would be a good fit with our team?  Fill out the application below! 

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