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Occupational therapists can assist a person who is experiencing difficulty with a variety of functional issues. Dressing, bathing, shopping for food or personal items, toilet hygiene, and carrying out daily activities safely might be particularly challenging after a recent injury or illness. Our specialized team will help you get back to doing what you love in the comfort of your own home.

  • Improve general strength and endurance

  • Memory assessments and strategy training

  • Safely performing activities like dressing and meal preparation

  • Bowel-bladder management

  • Low vision strategies

  • Provide education to use adaptive equipment

  • Sensory treatments

  • Adaptive equipment

  • Orthotics and splinting

  • Adaptive equipment

  • Daily living skills

  • Home safety evaluation and modification

  • Muscle re-education

  • Orthotics and splinting

  • Perceptual motor training

  • Sensory treatments

  • Therapeutic exercise

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