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To set the expectation of how you are cared for...

has been the mission of Novus LifeCare since we opened in 2015. This comes from knowing we hire the most compassionate and capable professionals in the field. Novus LifeCare is a clinician-owned and operated organization that began in the Kansas City metro area. Here you will find our core values are comfort, dignity, and respect. We take each of those to heart as we care and treat our extended Novus family. No one deserves sub-pare care and it is our mission that as long as you use Novus LifeCare you will never experience that again.  This is ensured by our phenomenal management team.  

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The job that gives back...

at Novus LifeCare, we understand that the best comes from having the best providers. That is why we ensure we give back to our employees time and time again. That comes from ensuring we provide a phenomenal work-life balance so that our Novus family, like our patients, get to spend as much time with their loved ones as possible. 

Want to join us in making a difference?

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